GreaseNeck®, A Division of Innosol, Inc.


About Us:

Houston-based specialty chemical firm, Innosol, Inc., creates clean drilling fluid additives & specialty down-hole products, software for well data analytics, chemical engineering, software engineering, and pneumatic safety systems for the Oil & Gas industry.

After being injured on a rig in S. Texas, James along with his son Jody worked for many years with the best minds in the industry to replace dangerous chemicals with safer options. They were now on a life long journey to forever change the Oil & Gas Drilling industry.

As a petroleum engineer, James knows firsthand what chemicals on rigs need to be removed, and he saw a disconnect between those needs and what current suppliers could provide. This inspired him to start his own company and offer real-world, common-sense solutions to help the Oil & Gas Drilling industry become a safer place to work.

The creation of Innosol, Inc. is a clear example of perseverance and getting back up after life knocks you down, and of what can be achieved with determination & grit. But maybe what’s most important here is Innosol’s commitment to the safety of their community—and how it benefits not only those around him, but also strengthens his business too.

Replacing harsh chemicals with sustainable, biodegradable, hand & eye safe, and eco-friendly chemicals is just who we are as a company. We would love to hear from you and hear your story, so please contact us below.

We are a family owned, family run business backed by 249 years of combined chemist experience.  We have formulated, manufactured, packaged, and shipped the highest quality GreaseNeck® drilling fluid additives, rig cleaning systems, and fragrances and flavors globally since 2003. Proudly and safely serving over 30 countries and counting.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us at